The #FBI warns that school closings due to #COVID19 present potential for an increased risk of online child sexual exploitation.

PSA: The #FBI warns that school closings due to #COVID19 present potential for an increased risk of online child sexual exploitation. Learn more about the risk and how to protect yourself and your loved ones at— FBI Sacramento (@FBISacramento) March 28, 2020​

Community Outreach

Community Outreach
​Community Outreach is an important component to the mission of the SAFE/ICAC Task Force and we will be happy to speak at your community group meeting or school event. If you would like a presentation on Megan's Law for registered sex offender information or Internet Safety, please fill out the form for a Presentation Request under the Resource tab. A member of the task force will reach out to coordinate. 

Student Data: Weighing Security vs. Privacy

Last month, the state of New Mexico filed a lawsuit over alleged data collection storage violations by Google through its suite of education applications. They claim in the suit that after offering Chromebook laptops and access to the G-Suite for Education to the state for free, the tech giant then used data such as videos watched and words searched for with the intent of targeting advertisements. Additional allegations purport that Google collected information on the children's physical locatio...
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Internet Safety

Here's your tip for the Day: Think before you click. Once you post online, it is extremely difficult--almost impossible--to delete your postings later. 

It's Safer Internet Day

Friend or Fake? Did you make a new online friend who wants to meet face-to-face? It might not be a good idea. Remember that not everyone you meet online is trustworthy.If someone asks you to meet offline, tell a trusted adult immediately.

Viral Video Challenges: A Safety Perspective

Trends have existed since long before the dawn of the internet, but social media has drawn more attention to them, and what once might take a season or a year to take hold can now become a sensation in minutes. On Facebook, viral videos or "challenges" began to pop up every so often, such as it did with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, with the surging popularity of the Tik Tok app, kids are following and participating in viral video challenges at more regular intervals.   Video Challenge...
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The Smartest Phone Choice For Your Child Might Be "Dumb"

​Parents regularly face decision-making signposts as they navigate the complexities of wanting to build feelings of independence for their child, while also keeping them safe. These judgment calls can start from the benign, such as when they might feel comfortable letting a young child play in the next room over without immediate supervision for a moment. As the child ages, these decisions may progress to considering when may be an appropriate time to allow them to ride their bike around the nei...
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Online Safety: What Are The Real Risks Parents Should Know?

How much time have you really spent reading through the privacy policies and access permissions of every device and digital application you currently own or control, or allow your children access to? If you're like most, the answer is very little. The good news is that there are federal protections created under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) designed to keep your child's personal information safe and prevent apps or games from being able to ask for specific identifying inf...
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